Defensive pistol shooting


Defensive Pistol Shooting practice shoots usually begin in mid-May and occur every Thursday night, weather permitting, through the last Thursday in August. Also, if it's pouring down rain in Cedar or very likely to rain, the shoot will be cancelled, check CRGC Facebook page. Refer to the Spring CRGC Newsletter for exact dates of scheduled shoots.

Usually a group of 10+ shooters of varied background and experience participate. Average round count per evening is 75-100 depending to a great degree on how many shooters are present and the exact COF. Most shooters arrive at 6:00pm. If you're running late we can accommodate you. Shooting stops at 8:00pm.

Each week different simulated self-defense scenarios will provide a challenge for the average, as well as the experienced shooter. Depending upon the COF there are paper targets, steel Targets, and moving targets. Performance will be evaluated using CRGC Defensive Pistol Shooting format and scoring rules. The intent is to provide general practice geared towards various competition and real-life threats. Please note these are not IDPA matches.

This is not an activity for a person who has just purchased his/her first handgun and has had no initial training. Shooters must have a study belt-holster. At least 2-3 magazines and belt magazine carriers are highly recommended. Pocket holsters, cross-draw holsters and shoulder holsters are not permitted. A signed liability waiver is required and a $5.00 donation per night to CRGC for supplies is anticipated.

Once again Dan Rahe and Joel Baillie will provide coordination. If you have questions:

Contact information for "Defensive Pistol Shooting" Only 
Dan Rahe                                                  Joel Baillie                                    Ward Gutknecht
231-929-4174       (H)                            231-929-7057 (H)                       231-676-9068
                                                                   231-590-5546 (C)