Founded in 1936 Bylaws Revised in 1991, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007; Omission Correction 1999

Article I

Section 1

This organization shall be known as the Cedar Rod and Gun Club. P.O. Box 171. Cedar, Michigan 49621. It shall operate without profit, be non-sexist, non-political, and is incorporated.

Section 2

The purpose of this organization shall be to: Promote good sportsmanship; support and promote the shooting sports; promote hunting, fishing and sound conservation practices; and provide and promote sound hunter safety education programs to the general public.

Article II

Section 1

The officers of this organization shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and shall be elected to two (2) year terms. President and Secretary one year, and Vice President and Treasurer the following year. No member shall be elected as officer who has not been a member in good standing for a period of at least one year.

A. President shall preside over all meetings and have general supervision and direction of all officers and board members. He shall call all regular and board meetings.

B. Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in his absence.

C. Secretary shall handle all correspondence of this organization; keep minutes of the regular meetings and board meetings; maintain records, files, books, (except account and receipt books) and any other club property necessary to the execution of his office. He shall receive a salary of $ 99.00 per year to be paid at the end of the calendar year.

D. Treasurer shall receive all payment of all income, including dues and keep proper account of all income (including dues) and be authorized to make payments necessary to the operation of the club on a monthly basis upon approval by the board at its monthly meeting. At each regular meeting he shall review the status of all club accounts. The Treasurer shall have a $200.00 emergency fund for use by himself or an appointed board member for unscheduled or unexpected club expenses. He shall receive a salary of $ 99.00 per year to be paid at the end of the calendar year.

E. If any officer misses three (3) consecutive meetings without a good excuse being presented, he shall be suspended from his office and the position shall be filled by appointment by the officers and board and the appointee shall serve the remainder of that officer’s term.


Printed: 3/6/2007

Section 2-Board of Directors

A. The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) members and be elected for a two year (2) term. Two (2) shall be elected at the same time as the President and Secretary, and three (3) elected at the same time as the Vice President and Treasurer.

B. The Board of Directors shall, in addition, include all officers.

C. The Board of directors shall have the power to manage all affairs of the club, membership, or on any and all questions relative in any manner whatsoever thereto, and to make all necessary contacts for the proper transactions of all business.

D. It shall be necessary to have a quorum of five (5) members to conduct business at any board meeting.

E. The Board of Directors shall be limited to authorizing capital expenditures in amounts not to exceed $15,000 per expenditure without membership approval. Customary operating expenditures are not subject to membership approval.

Article III

Section 1-Membership

A. Any person 18 years of age upon completion of, and approval of an application form shall be eligible to become a member of the organization. Membership covers all family members up to the age of 18 but enjoys only one (1) vote.

B. A 2/3 majority vote of the Board may suspend or revoke without compensation any member either not in good standing or in violation of the Bylaws.

C. Any member charged with conduct harmful or prejudicial to the purpose or interest of the Cedar Rod and Gun Club, or who causes or intends to cause injury or embarrassment to the Cedar Rod and Gun Club, or is in violation of its Bylaws or rules shall be subject to suspension. The member shall be notified in writing by Registered Mail of the nature of the complaint and will be given not less than fifteen (15) days to respond to said complaint. The Board of Directors, if upon review of the facts finds the complaint to be true, may suspend the member upon a 2/3 affirmative vote for suspension.

Section 2-Class of Membership

A. Regular Membership: Upon meeting the requirements in Article III, Section 1 (A) and payment of the annual dues fee will become a member.

B. Honorary Membership: A membership bestowed upon an individual for having made extraordinary contributions, either in services to the Club, or in civic or humane acts. Such memberships shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and shall enjoy full membership privileges.

C. Serviceman’s Membership: Any member of the Armed Forces shall be eligible to receive free regular membership privileges subject to qualifications of regular membership.


Section 1-Dues:

Article IV

Members shall have two options for membership dues: 1) a calendar year membership with no MUCC affiliation, or 2) a calendar year membership which includes individual MUCC affiliation. The annual dues amount shall be set by a vote of the Board of Directors. The dues are payable on January 1st and membership is on a calender year basis. New applicants shall present the dues with their application. Any member failing to pay his dues within 30 days of the due date shall be dropped from membership.


The Cedar Rod and Gun Club shall be affiliated with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs.

Section 2.1 National Rifle Association Affiliation:

The Cedar Rod and Gun Club shall maintain an active affiliation with the National Rifle Association.

Section 3-Bank Accounts:

A. The commercial accounts of the organization, referred to as the general fund and checking account shall be used to defray all expenses. All monies shall be placed in the general fund unless placed in a special fund. The Treasurer’s name and the President’s name shall be on all accounts.

B. There shall be an annual accounting of all funds at the Annual Meeting in January.

Section 4-Mortgages:

No mortgages or lien of any nature shall be placed on any real estate, building, or property belonging to the Cedar Rod and Gun Club.

Article V

Section 1-Meetings:

A. All regular meetings shall be held the First Friday of the month (October through March) at 8:00 p.m.

B. The Annual Meeting shall be held the first Friday in January. Section 2-Conduct at Meetings:

A. A motion may be put on the floor by any member; provided it pertains to the subject being discussed at the time of the proposal.

B. In order for a motion to pass, it must be supported by another member and have a majority of favorable votes of the members present.


C. D.

E. F. G.


Voting shall be limited to current members in good standing only.

A quorum of at least ten (10) members must be present at any regular meeting in order to conduct business.

Any member wanting the floor shall raise his hand to be recognized by the chair.

No member shall hold the floor for more than three (3) minutes at one time.

No member shall take the floor for a second time on the same subject until other members have been herd.

Unruly members may be ejected from any meeting at the President’s direction.

Section 3-Elections

A. B. C. D. E. F.

Election of Officers and Board shall take place at the annual meeting in January. Nominations for Officers and Board shall be accepted at the December meeting. All members in good standing may vote. Absentee ballots will be mailed to members two (2) weeks prior to the annual meeting. Write-in nominations are accepted up to the time of voting.

Election of Officers and Board members shall take place in the order as prescribed in Article II, Sections 1 and 2.

Article VI

Section 1-Committees:

A. The Board of directors shall have the power to appoint committees and their chairs. They may consist of any member in good standing and consent to the appointment.

B. There shall be standing committees for (1) Membership; (2) Trap and Skeet Range; (3) Rifle and Pistol Range; (4) Archery Range.

C. The Membership committee shall consist of three (3) members of the Board. D. Other committees may be formed as necessary at the discretion of the Board.

Article VII

Section 1- Use of Club Facilities:

A. All Cedar Rod and Gun Club property is for the express use of its members, invited guests, and designated parties only.

B. Pets are not allowed in buildings or unrestrained on club grounds, Guide Dogs are the 4


C. Activities requiring dogs, i.e. Field Trials or dog training must be approved by the Board.

D. Designated organizations may use the club facilities with a 2/3 majority vote of the Board, any groups using the club facilities shall leave it in a clean and orderly condition.

E. Alcohol is prohibited on all Cedar Rod and Gun Club Property unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.

Section 2-Conduct:

It is the purpose of this organization to promote safety in the shooting sports.

A. All members shall observe the safety rules for all ranges of the Cedar Rod and Gun Club.

B. Any member exhibiting poor or unsafe handling of firearms or weapons of any type will a verbal warning.

C. A second offense of poor or unsafe handling of firearms or weapons of any type may result in the suspension of membership at the time of the infraction, at the Range Officers discretion, subject to review by the Board of directors at a later date.

D. All officers and Board members shall be considered Range Officers.

Article VIII

Section 1-General:

A. Any amendment or addition to the constitution or By Laws of this organization must first be referred in writing to the Board of Directors for study. If recommended by that body, it must be brought to a vote of the membership at a regular meeting where the members have been notified of the proposed change. If passed by a majority vote of the members present, it becomes part of the Constitution and By Laws of this organization.

B. Each member shall receive a copy of the Revised By-Laws.

Section 2:

Upon dissolution of the Cedar Rod and Gun Club, any funds remaining may be distributed equally among remaining members, or may be donated to any charitable or service organization. Such action would be at the approval of the general membership in a simple majority vote at a special meeting called for this purpose. All members will be notified two (2) weeks prior to such a meeting.

Section 3:

The Cedar Rod and Gun Club shall maintain a tax status under the provisions of Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service, and shall be incorporated.